Compassionate Care

We are proud to share with you some of the great comments that motivate us to keep providing compassionate, quality care for our community. We hope you'll consider joining us!

To the Cath Lab: "Thank you so much for taking great care of my Mom during her procedure. Your professional care and kindness meant much. May God Bless you." -From patient and family.

To Employee Assistance Committee: "In a medical crisis, the last thing a family should have to worry about is money. Unfortunately, in these times, it’soften the first. Thank you, all of you. Thank you for granting us this assistance and, even more, thank you for the peace of mind it offers." -From wife of employee

To Center for Behavioral Health: "After all of the despair and hopelessness I have felt prior to coming here, today I feel hope. I am leaving with optimism that I can get through this. I have learned who my support network outside is, and how to ask for what I need. The staff has been my pillars to get me through the most difficult journey in my life. They have been amazing, and I was so surprised that they never gave up when I couldn’t believe in myself or my value." -Woman in Women’s Behavioral Program

To SNF/Rehab: "My father who is 76 years old felt so at ease and well cared for. I felt at home leaving him here alone. I wish that all of the duties and jobs that other patients have to deal with are done as perfectly and excellently for them as they were for my father while on the 6th floor." -From the daughter of a patient.

To Med/Surg Unit: "My daughter had a surgical procedure at your hospital and her care was extraordinary. The hospital was spotless, the nurses and staff were all caring, empathetic and patient with us. Our anesthesiologist was warm and caring. Our surgeon was both professional and caring. I am an ER physician practicing in Houston and I was blown away by your care. Thank you and all the hospital staff for their exemplary care." -From mother of a patient